Annabelle Selldorf Architecture

This week Cyd is introducing us to one of her favorite architects, Annabelle Selldorf. One of us here in the studio will be posting about something related to design, art, craft or music that we're feeling regularly. We're pretty into this one. 

I’m so excited to be heading to New York in a couple weeks to visit friends. My typical routine when traveling is to make a map of the architecture I’d like to see, and then spend my days walking from one building to another. It’s admittedly very nerdy, but a nice way to create a loose itinerary for myself. At the top of my list for this trip are the David Zwirner Gallery and Neue Galerie, both by Annabelle Selldorf Architects. Selldorf’s style is beautifully restrained and quiet. She is adept at more subtle architectural practices, as opposed to the bold form-making that is currently so prevalent. Below are a few images from the two buildings.