pre-spring peek : The Soleri Collection

The SOLERI collection. Coastal drifting, river meandering, island hopping, passport ready. Running free, bare feet, open heart.

The SOLERI dress - your dream dress for so many occasions. Throw on leggings and Grecian sandals in the spring, go barelegged and barefoot in the summers, and add a blazer and skinny jeans for going out for a drink with a friend. Made from an easy to wear cotton that has the feel of linen without the wrinkles. Hand dyed. Fits most sizes as a dress or tunic. Feel it age with you - your new go-to dress.

The SOLERI bag - for your beach gear, a picnic with your sweetheart, or a stroll through a Parisian farmers market. Removable leather handle for easy washing - unless you like sand at the bottom of all of your bags like we do. 

Photography Nicole McConville   / Model Lena Eastes / Jewelry M.Grace / Styling Karie Reinertson

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